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~ Farrell Brickhouse

Paintings and Prints

  September 17th -  October 28th, 2018


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This show includes the range of figurative imagery combined with an abstract sensibility that has come to define Farrell’s signature style. The array of colors and textures is as magnificent as ever.  But he has added a new approach with the combination of print technology.  As the artist says about his print process: Each print is unique, often hand painted and from the very act of printing and my changes to each print file the new singular work emerges.  In this Farrell has discovered a perfect harmony between traditional painting techniques and the use of modern techniques where the difference between the two is seamless.

Farrell’s paintings have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in and out of New York going back to the late 1970s.  His work is part of several private and public collections that include Edward Albee and Pamela Auchingloss.

Farrell Brickhouse

Farrell Brickhouse