Main Galerie
~ Ravenna Taylor


  January 14th to February 24th, 2019


Ravenna’s art has characteristically been associated with an often complex range of colors, textures and forms. While these new works include her deft application of multi-media material the imagery is far more reductive then anything she has done in the recent past. The palette, while far more somber, is nevertheless imbued with a sublime richness in the depth of the tones. Ravenna describes this shift as beginning in an artistically fallow period that sparked a reevaluation of past work. This lead to recycling elements from those pieces for this work. From her perspective this body of work is focused on this experience rather than the artifacts that emerged from it.

Ravenna Taylor works from her Lambertville, New Jersey studio. She has exhibited her work since the early 1990s in group and solo shows primarily on the east and west coasts that have spanned private and public gallery spaces.  Her art has been featured by Galerie Cerulean since 2008. 

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