Main Galerie ~ Julia Schwartz

Imaginary Vacation on
an Imaginary Lake

 December 4th, 2017 - January 14, 2018


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Julia’s art has previously been featured in the Galerie Project Room. In her first solo show the whimsical theme for this collection of work finds its roots in the longing for a summer holiday.  Not possible in reality, the artist imagined one instead and the result is these wonderful paintings. The subject matter accurately captures the spirit of the intent but emerges gracefully through the loose paint handling and the subdued, yet festive palette. It is the latter qualities that breathe life into the vacation fantasy.  As with any great painting these pieces evoke a realism that goes beyond mere depiction that is as much felt as it is seen.






Project Room ~ Kiyomi Taylor

The Flood



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We are very pleased to extend this show of recent paintings by Kiyomi Taylor. The first striking thing about this work is the imagery which on first take is highly personal.  Each painting represents a small window into the artist’s life.  But on the second take a mystical quality to this work emerges; a reality that is dream-like in seeming so tangible but also just out of reach.  Each reads like a visual lyrical poem. Fully in concert with the imagery are the rich hues and textures.  The latter is achieved by combinations of paint (oil and/or acrylic and/or watercolor), collage and even sandpaper.