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~ Emily Berger

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  Thrum  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  May 1st to June 9th, 2019


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Emily Berger continues to produce art that sublimely blends simplicity with complexity to create what might be described as ‘visual music’. The first part is evident in the repetitive forms that shape the semblance of a grid.  The second part speaks to the intuition and subtle gestures that put the meat on the bones for these pictures.  Now back up for the larger view to see the visual music truly revealed – these paintings fairly hum with rhythmic qualities. The effect is akin to jazz improvisation where the artist explores a theme (here a common range of colors, gestures and forms) through variations on it. As a body, the work holds together as stylistically recognizable but where each piece clearly establishes its own voice.

Emily Berger lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Her work has been reviewed often and is included in many private, corporate and public collections.  She is included in the American Abstract Artists 75th Anniversary Print Portfolio, an exhibition currently traveling to university galleries around the country.  Recent solo exhibitions in New York City include Rhythm and Light at Walter Wickiser Gallery, New Paintings at Norte Maar gallery, and Marking Time at Scholes Street Studio. Her work can be seen at Odetta Gallery in Chelsea in Syncopation, a two person exhibition with Bob Seng, until May 17.


Emily Berger - 'Dream of Spain'

Emily Berger - 'Dancer'