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Galerie Cerulean was formed as an online exhibition place by artists and for artists. The prime directive for the Galerie is to present great art that we believe deserves a wider, more global exposure.

Galerie Cerulean originated from the journal Abstract Art Online. Although the focus is primarily on contemporary abstract painting our goal is to present a very generous definition of what ‘abstract’ means. Some of the Galerie’s artists include recognizable imagery in their art or work that is inclusive of other mediums such as photography, collage or printmaking. From our perspective this serves to expand the dialog that abstraction is capable of.

Exhibition Schedules
Currently our shows run for 6 weeks each beginning in September and the gallery is closed for the last 6 weeks of the summer. Because this is an online gallery there are posted hours per se.

Price Lists
Please contact us at the e-mail or mailing addresses above.

Membership in Galerie Cerulean is by invitation only. However we do consider submissions for the Project Room. To do so please reference your web site in an e-mail or send up to 6 images for review to abartonline@gmail.com. If your work is accepted for a Project Room show we will contact you with additional details.

Project Room shows are in conjunction with main Galerie shows which run for 6 weeks.









Featured Artist: Claire Seidl





This show presents a wonderful combination of Seidl’s paintings and etched monotypes from the last year. In the artist’s own words, “In making these etchings, drawing and creating forms is open and unrehearsed. Color is intuitive but usually supports the structure of the drawing and creates space. I print color over color, form over form, lines over lines and then change it all. I would say that the processes of painting and etching have informed each other to such a degree that they have become nearly the same, for me, recently”. This is evident in the work selected for this exhibition.






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