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I have no pre-conceived ideas or plans when I paint and adhere to no set of procedural givens. My relationship to painting is not settled, but dynamic and evolving. Each painting is resolved according to its own exigencies; and my job is to look hard and long enough to find them. I seek new ways to mesh surface and space convincingly and always look for new pictorial resolutions. My paintings are all different from one another but always seem to end up looking like my paintings when they are done.

I focus on the visual, but mine is also a personal response to paint that includes emotion and feeling. Previous states and underlying incidents are often veiled, like distant recollections or like things seen briefly and now largely forgotten.

Among the paintings, here, are a handful of etched monotypes from 2016. In these, drawing and creating forms is open and unrehearsed; color is intuitive but usually supports the structure of the drawing and creates space.  I print color over color, form over form, drawing over drawing and then change it all.

I would say that the processes of painting and etching are nearly the same, for me.


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