If I have a specific technique, it may be to give my curiosity nearly free rein. I always seem to be asking, “What would happen if…” This tendency is compounded by my openness to a wide range of materials and the different ways of working that those materials inspire. In an interview, James Siena said of his own work, “I just want to make the next thing and I don’t want to listen to an inner voice saying … ‘Oh, don’t do that. That’s not what you do.’ But if you want to do it, and then you do it, it is what you do.” I don’t want to listen to that particular voice either, and my materials help me turn to “mak[ing] the next thing.” For this show those materials include scrap wood, my own photographs, new and reused papers. I look around at the possible components and see what they make me do. Sometimes they dictate a very specific color range, and then I can't use that material with any other palette. And the move to sculpture you see in this show was the direct result of the materials’ enticing me. At any given time I am working in a number of different modes, which is why showing the photo collages together with the wood sculptures seems so appropriate.